donderdag 25 maart 2010


1) glazing our bisque pieces

Today we (students Ceramics and Glass) went to the atelier of Rudie Delanghe. Rudie is specialised in throwing pots and also controlling the "cracks" in the glaze.

2)  This is a gas fired kiln.
This kiln is used when you require a reduction environment as in raku firing.

All of us could fire three pieces made by ourselfs. I fired two vases and one bowl.We learned that we did Raku on a western way, different from the Japanese.
3) Old barrel filled with sawdust.

The pieces are removed from the hot kiln and placed in masses of sawdust to provide a reducing atmosphere for the glaze. The sawdust will fire. We used specially formulated glaze recipe that "crackle" or craze (present a cracked appearance), because the crazing lines take on a dark color from the carbon.
The glaze firing times for raku ware are short, we waited maybe just 1 hour to get the temperature of 1060 degrees.

4) One of my Raku pieces, a small vase.

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