maandag 15 maart 2010

Tearbottle by Aniek and Graça

In February my friend Graça Brohm and I went to the ceramic factory, Royal Delft Pottery. We saw a beautiful Delftblue tearbottle . With an even greater meaning:

It is said, that the little bottle owes its name and form to those far away days when sailormen were very often absent for a very long period of time and when saying goodbye, the women left behind wept bitterly. Due to the lack of photography or any other means of communication, it is explicable that people still wanted a souvenir from home and thus the little tearbottle was created. The bottleneck was placed in the corner of the eye and in this way the tears could be captured. A precious little token was carried on far away voyages. If someone should be moved to tears, in this way one can express that person a real proof of ones sympathy.

Illustrator Graça was inspired by this beautiful story and made two designs as decoration for the tearbottle. Aniek then made a silkcreen of the drawings to print the glaze on a transfer. After that she created serveral forms on the potters wheel, as prototypes. We do have to decide which one we like best for the final mould. At the picture you see the first prototype.

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