vrijdag 18 februari 2011

EKWC again! (Plaster wheel part I)

I have to post some good and bad news. Well bad ...isn't that bad after all. We expected at the Sint-Lucas Visual Art school a plaster wheel. Plaster wheel-turning is a method of rotating the plaster, in which the plaster is removed while in a wet state, with hand-held tools or templates. The plaster wheel isn't arrived yet in Ghent, while we already expected the wheel early February. For my graduation work I really wanted the work with this machine because you can create perfect shapes.
To give steady support to the operator's hands when using the templates or tools, a stick, commonly called a "belly-stick" is used. I think this picture is really funny.  

The solution for my problem is that I will work next week for a few weeks in the EKWC (European Ceramic Workcentre). Which is great offcourse! The European Ceramic Work Centre annually offers space for 45 (inter-)national participants to work for three months in the centre’s studios.  Last summer I assisted architect Rhett Russo in the EKWC. That was a really nice summer-job.
Study archetype Aniek Meeldijk
*From the book: Plaster mold and model making-1973 chaney & skee pp101

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