donderdag 17 maart 2011

Masterclass collaborations part II

Already a month a go we started little collaborations with our classmates.  I started a collaboration with Ariane Heystraeten and I started a little project with Nel Verbeke. This idea to start little collaborations is because we have to organise an exhibition or event for the Masterclasses in March/May 2011.

We started a blog where everybody can introduces his/her work and can propose collaborations, themes to work with and so on.
I posted an image off my chinese 'laced up' vase on our blog and Nel soon responsed with an photograph she took. Nel had the idea to make a page where we connect one photo to the other. We started to link our work with art history and contemporary art. At the end we made a new work together!
By the way Nel and two friends of her will be this weekend  in Kortrijk at De invasie van. The invasion of is a platform where young creators from Belgium and The Netherlands sell their unique and innovating products! I really like their monstro bakkerij brooches!This is your unique opportunity to buy an exclusive item, straight from the designers!

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  1. Ik heb op elke link eens een wilde weg geklikt en ik vind elk project echt even straf! Doe zo voort dames.