donderdag 28 april 2011

Bowl animation part II (TEASER)

Watch our teaser of
'Als de kat van huis is, dansen de muizen'

Aniek Meeldijk and Emma Hazenak combined their qualities. They met each other in 2002 at the Art Academy St. Joost in Breda in the Netherlands. Emma has been making 'chalk'animations since 2009, and operates as a freelance animator and illustrator. Aniek has been working with ceramics since 2005. This year she will graduate in the Master Fine Arts in Ghent.
The cooperation between Aniek and Emma is a fusion of ceramics, decoration and animation. The project consists of ceramic bowls and an animation film. The film tells a story about the decoration of the bowls. We expect to finish our film in August/September 2011. More info soon.
See also the workprocess here.

donderdag 21 april 2011

Master thesis

De vaas
van functionele pot tot kunstobject
( 'The vase, from functional vessel to artobject')

Finally I have finished my thesis. It was a pain in the ass. I am glad that my computer survived all the rendering and compiling of my videofilm. The 27th of April I have to hand in my thesis. It was also nice to make a film, because I never made a film before. 
Unfortunantely I dare not post my film because of the copyrights. The film only exists of youtube films. I do not know exactly how it works with rights. I edited more than hundred youtube films.It 's a film about ceramics in the twenty century.
Filmstill, I am working on the plasterwheel.
Filmstill credits

woensdag 13 april 2011

CBK overview

Last month I exhibited my work in the CBK (Center Visual Art) in Rotterdam. This is the result.
From left to right; my tea set 'Tea time', Bottle objects 2010, Laced up vases made in China/Ghent 2011, below glaze tests 2010.
If you are interested in the ceramic objects contact me.
More info: of

vrijdag 8 april 2011

Atelier-studio photos /Mold making

Today, in Belgium starts Easter holiday for two weeks. For me, it will be still hard work because after the holiday we have to hand in our master thesis.I am making a film for me thesis. I never made a film before, but I think it will be really cool. I just wanted to post some pictures of my studiowork from the last few weeks.

dinsdag 5 april 2011

Last week ceramic objects @ CBK, Rotterdam

My ceramic objects are exposed till wednesday the 13th of April.
Saterday 12th of March 2011 - Wednesday 13th of April 2011
Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam
Nieuwe Binnenweg 75
open: Tuesday - Sunday 12:00 - 17:00pm

maandag 4 april 2011

Mold making

I planned the last three weeks to make some plaster moulds. I am getting better and better. You have to be very concentrated and well prepared. The plaster prototype I made on the plasterwheel in the EKWC.
Ready to pour the plaster.
One half of the mould is ready
I am working on a mould in the ceramic studio
photo Karen Meirsman

vrijdag 1 april 2011