zondag 1 mei 2011

MK5 presentation Thursday 5th of May

(Design: Jolien Van Der Smissen)

We (masterclass 5) will present you a magazine, consisting of our cooperations projects. We will ditribute the magazines around the school. There will be snacks and drinks from 4 till 7 o'clock! The magazine is waiting for you!

The master Visual Arts students from Masterclass 5 are:
Anna De Paepe (painting),
Aniek Meeldijk (ceramics),
Annelies Siersack (grafic design),
Ariane Heystraeten (textile design),
Dieter Durinck (painting),
Elise De Brock (painting),
Emma George (multimedia design),
Jolien Van Der Smissen (grafic design),
Nel Verbeke (printmaking),
Rein Vyncke (illustration),
Rik Vannevel (painting) and
Simone Leenslag (textile design)

My collaborations for the magazine were with Nel Verbeke, see blog message here. And with Ariane Heystraeten, we created a bowl 'TerraTorne'.
See you this thursday!

Location: Sint-Lucas Beeldende Kunst
Zwartezustersstraat 34, 9000 Gent

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