woensdag 27 juli 2011


UPCOMING exhibition!
10 September till 12 Octobre 2011

In the exhibition Clash*, works may clash. Galerie De Witte Voet brings together works of St. Lucas Fine Arts students and alumni that clearly differ from one another. Clash shows both ceramic objects that are cast in a perfect mold and clay sculptures that are organic proliferate.

*Clash 'renewed' shows a selection of the Clash exhibition in June 2011. An exhibition of the Masters and Bachelors Ceramics and Glass Department.

Opening: Saturday 10 September from 4 to 6pm.
Galerie De Witte Voet
Kerkstraat 135
1017GE Amsterdam

donderdag 21 juli 2011

The perfect vase?

It took a lot of time to create this vase. I dug the clay itself, therefore I went to a stone quarry. I made the prototype on the plasterwheel in the EKWC.
When I had the prototype I had to make a mold. That wasn't easy aswell because I made big molds and you have to prepare a lot of plaster in once to pour the liquid plaster into the 'aquariums', see here. The final step is to pour the liquid clay into the mold. And finish the vase.
I wanted to create a perfect vase. But the question is when will I be satisfied? Will it be more interesting if it turn into something new, unexpected. Can we create perfection?
In this teaser (flashvideo) you will see how this vase will perish. After all that work....., the vase turned into dust.

zondag 17 juli 2011


-Graduation work 2011 Aniek Meeldijk-
 I am inspired and fascinated by vases. A vase can be a functional object as a sculpture, everyday objects can be interpreted in different ways.
The starting point of this ceramic work consists of the idea of ‘a perfect vase’. Because I was working with archetypal 'perfect' forms, the form will always be recognizable throughout the ceramic process. The rules are largely defined by me, but it remains unpredictable results by the properties of matter (clay) itself. Clay is something that no other material can. The material may surprise you, frustrate and dismay.
During my working process I searched constantly for a change or deformity, something I "had no control over." Factors such as the firing process, the glaze or the composition of the clay made each time for a new and surprising result.
The work is presented as a process in which experimentation and research is an important part. Boundaries of perfection and imperfection seem to fade and blend into each other. Click here in Dutch

donderdag 14 juli 2011

Wooden wheel part II

I told you before that I made a wooden construction to turn my mold. My molds are to big and to heavy to empty by myself.I used some wooden boards to tighten/fix the molds between the squares in the wooden wheels. (1&2)  If you pour the liquid clay into the mold, the mould will be even heavier.(3&4) So with the 'wooden wheels' I just have to turn the mold between to tables(5), and empty the liquid clay back into a bucket. After a day or two you can take out the shape and finish the edges.(6&7)
Photos:Kris Blondeel

zaterdag 9 juli 2011

Graduation Show Master of Fine Art 2011- Linda Quinlan

Anthem for the People’s Tomorrow July 9 – 24 2011
During the Christmas holidays I assisted Linda Quinlan with her project 'Pottery Percussion'.She already showed her work at the Bloomberg space in London.
Installation view at Bloomberg Space, 2011
Slip installation on glass and pillars with Pottery Percussion (2-channel video) projected in the backround.
Linda Quinlan (Ireland) Quinlan’s preoccupations pulsate with a rigour, pouring over subjects that land in the vicinity of art making, spaces close to its mode of entry and the timing of its arrival. Much of her time is spent considering the tone set at entering an artwork and thinking about the rhythm that keeps you buoyant until the time for meaning to step forward and something tangible to seep through. She is drawn to the rhythmic rise and fall that transits between surface and penetration, articulated form and inarticulated sensation, participation and separation. Rhythm as a motif, underlines much of Quinlan’s recent practice, standing for a way to move and a means to shape or build a work of art.

Graduation show Masters Piet Zwart Institute
Location: Station Bergweg
Address: Voorburgstraat 229, 3037 ER Rotterdam,
tram station Eudokiaplein (tram 4 and 8 ) or Walenburgerweg (tram 4 and 25).
Opening hours: Tue – Sun, 12-6pm and by appointment

More info: