zondag 17 juli 2011


-Graduation work 2011 Aniek Meeldijk-
 I am inspired and fascinated by vases. A vase can be a functional object as a sculpture, everyday objects can be interpreted in different ways.
The starting point of this ceramic work consists of the idea of ‘a perfect vase’. Because I was working with archetypal 'perfect' forms, the form will always be recognizable throughout the ceramic process. The rules are largely defined by me, but it remains unpredictable results by the properties of matter (clay) itself. Clay is something that no other material can. The material may surprise you, frustrate and dismay.
During my working process I searched constantly for a change or deformity, something I "had no control over." Factors such as the firing process, the glaze or the composition of the clay made each time for a new and surprising result.
The work is presented as a process in which experimentation and research is an important part. Boundaries of perfection and imperfection seem to fade and blend into each other. Click here in Dutch

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