donderdag 21 juli 2011

The perfect vase?

It took a lot of time to create this vase. I dug the clay itself, therefore I went to a stone quarry. I made the prototype on the plasterwheel in the EKWC.
When I had the prototype I had to make a mold. That wasn't easy aswell because I made big molds and you have to prepare a lot of plaster in once to pour the liquid plaster into the 'aquariums', see here. The final step is to pour the liquid clay into the mold. And finish the vase.
I wanted to create a perfect vase. But the question is when will I be satisfied? Will it be more interesting if it turn into something new, unexpected. Can we create perfection?
In this teaser (flashvideo) you will see how this vase will perish. After all that work....., the vase turned into dust.

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