dinsdag 27 september 2011

Dozen Dozen #2 -7 October

Dozen Dozen is a themed pop-up window gallery.
A group of visual artists, one window per exposition thought out by one of the participating artists. A dictatorial collaboration. The passing flaneur is forced to experience the display through an conceptual framework. There is more than simple seduction or flat aesthetics.
Dozen Dozen is located in the heart of Rotterdam. An ideal place for showing your finest work. An audience is guaranteed! Every first friday of the month there is an opening and new work by a selection of artists is displayed.

The selection of participants for Dozen Dozen #2. This time 15 artists will strut their stuff! It’s gonna be a huge mish-mash of crazy, original, beautiful stuff. Check it out!
Mirjam Visker
Martine Smids
Constantijn Smit
Gerjanne van Zuilen
Wilma van de Hel
Tilly Heijster
Marieke Haandrikman
Stefanie Wels
Noa Haim
Aniek Meeldijk
Marian Kastelein
Harry Schumacher
Daphne Bom
Jitka Andrea
Bea van Golen

From 7 October till 4 November
Opening: 7 October at 8:30pm
Botersloot 18a, Rotterdam
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