zondag 29 juli 2012

Working in the studio

The time is going so fast! We are here for a month now in Medicine Hat, Canada. Luckily, we've still one month to go to finish our work. I have the feeling that I need much more time to make something really good. But we know now what we want to make so this month we will just have to perform it!

zaterdag 28 juli 2012

Goodbye one-month residents

We just had our big clean up at Medalta because a few of the months-residents are leaving this weekend.Our goodbye party was a hit making home made pizza at the bread kiln!
From left to right: Robertus, Lydia, Maggi, Carly, Aniek and Niek

zondag 22 juli 2012

Meanwhile in the studio...

Sketching part II
Lydia Thompson
Carly Slade
Maggi Kneer
Aniek and Niek

woensdag 18 juli 2012

Joanna Pike

Image description 
Artist talk II
Medalta 2012 resident artist Joanna Pike hails from South Portland, Maine, and was raised by an artist and an engineer. As a result she has a love of both beauty and utility. As a teenager she was interested in history and the way in which society defines itself. She is interested in social interactions and feels strongly that psychology, the selection of objects, and aesthetic taste are interconnected.
Image descriptionImage descriptionImage description
Joanna’s work is influenced by landscapes, geology and food and she has spent the last year in residence at Medalta experimenting with the possibilities of bringing these two different influences together in ceramics. She exhibited her new work in July – Specimens of Geological Confectionary – in Medalta’s Yuill Family Gallery. You would like to taste the cakes, don't you?

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dinsdag 17 juli 2012


Sketching part 1


This weekend we went to the Banff national park. It was about 4,5 hours drive from Medicine Hat. This place is really amazing! The mountains lift off from the land. Suddenly you drive between these huge mountains full of trees, waterfalls and lakes. We started at Lake Louise, and I was beginning to understand Les Mannings work when I saw the colour of the lake.
The Banff Centre
The Banff Centre for the Arts is a very prominent international residency program. Offcourse we went to the ceramic studio to see how it looks like. We met Ed Bamiling, who is the ceramics facilitator at the Banff Centre. He showed his studio, with this stunning view of the mountains. Maybe one day I will participate the Visual Art program because the surrounding is exceptional!
Ceramics Studios
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vrijdag 13 juli 2012

China hycroft factory

The Historic Clay district part V
Last friday Aaron Nelson, the artistic director of Medalta gave us a tour at the old China hycroft Factory. This factory is close to Medalta. It was really amazing and inspiring!The Hycroft China Factory was shut down in 1989. Toilets and table ware were made here. This site was designated a Provincial Historical Site in 1995.
The clay-products industry in Medicine Hat began production in the mid-1880s, shortly after the Canadian Pacific Railway's transcontinental line went through the region. Blessed with high-quality clay and natural gas to fuel the kilns, Medicine Hat became a focus for the creation of bricks, pottery, and other ceramics. In the late 1930s, J. Harlan "Hop" Yuill decided, in spite of the vagaries of the Depression and robust competition from Medalta Potteries, to forge ahead with a new clay-products company in Medicine Hat. The Medicine Hat Pottery Company began production in 1938, offering more delicate and ornate products than Medalta.   Source: Alberta Culture and Community Spirit, Historic Resources Management Branch (File: Des. 1885)

woensdag 11 juli 2012

Brick & Tile factory

The Historic Clay district part IV
On monday we went to Medicine Hat Brick & Tile Site from I-XL Industries Ltd.. it was again a really interesting place, because the place is "frozen in time".
The Brick & Tile site is an important part of Medicine Hat’s heritage, with over a century of history, dating back to 1886. The plant was flooded in June 2010, and although the site was cleaned up, I-XL announced in September of that year that the plant would not re-open.
The site is currently under consideration as a Provincial Historic Resource and is thought to be the oldest industrial site in Alberta. Of significant interest are the layers of industrial development from hand-made brickmaking to the robotic era. A recent excavation revealed brick rubble from the 1880’s period. The “frozen in time” condition of the facilities represents the operation as it was in 2010.
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dinsdag 10 juli 2012

Medalta Potteries

The Historic Clay district part III
Set against the dramatic cliffs of the South Saskatchewan River in Medicine Hat Alberta, the 150-acre Historic Clay District was once home to the earliest industry in Western Canada. Today the history of the once-dominant pottery & clay industry is being revived with the iconic Medalta Potteries National Historic Site providing the setting for a living, working museum.
Visitors to Medalta have the opportunity to walk the same path as the men & women who once worked in the factory. Today, the factory has been transformed into a museum showcasing the people and industry that made Medicine Hat. The Working Pottery makes replica Medalta pottery for sale in our gift shop – visitors can actually enter the studio and speak with workers.

zondag 8 juli 2012

Plainsman clay

The Historic Clay district part II

This factory is next to the China Hycroft Factory (see The Historic Clay district part V)
Plainsman is a clay mining and processing company in southern Alberta, Western Canada. They have select-mined clays specifically for pottery related uses (since 1962) and have knowledge and access to many other deposits. This is were we get our clay, tools, plaster and all the other things we need to work with at the Medalta artist in residence! So nice that we can get our clay from our backyard!
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zaterdag 7 juli 2012

Medalta International artist in residence program

The Historic Clay district part I
The residency will take place at the Shaw International Centre for Contemporary Ceramics located within the Historic Clay District in Medicine Hat, Canada. The dates for the Summer Residencies are July 3rd to August 23rd, providing 8 weeks for intensive examination of ideas related to the material and process of ceramics!! I am here now in Canada for about a week and I've already meet some great people, we have seen a lot, and I am beginning to feel at home in my new studio.
Studios Artists
Now back to work!
Set against the dramatic cliffs of the South Saskatchewan River in Medicine Hat, Alberta, the 150 acre Historic Clay District was once home to some of Canada’s most important clay factories, including Medalta Potteries, Hycroft China, National Porcelain and Alberta Clay Products. Today, this history is being preserved with the unique Medalta Potteries site providing the setting for a living, working museum, vibrant education centre, a Reception Gallery, and a 12,000 square foot contemporary ceramics studio, The Shaw International Centre for Contemporary Ceramics.

zondag 1 juli 2012

Tutti Frutti te koop bij CBK Rotterdam

Jawel, kunstvoorw​erpen per 1 juli weer terug naar 6% btw*.
Met dit geweldige nieuws een fixe korting op de Tutti Frutti fruitschalen bovenop de normale prijs!
Van €329 voor €269,- incl btw! Te koop bij CBK Rotterdam op de nieuwe binnenweg te Rotterdam.
*Uit het lente-akkoord, verlaagde BTW tarief per 1 juli 2012 van kracht:
BTW podiumkunsten, kunstvoorwerpen en kunstenaars per 1 juli terug naar 6%. Per 1 juli 2012 is op de podiumkunsten, kunstvoorwerpen, voorwerpen voor verzameling en antiquiteiten het verlaagde btw-tarief van toepassing. Tegelijkertijd met verzending van de Voorjaarsnota zal, vooruitlopend op wetgeving, een beleidsbesluit gepubliceerd worden waarin het overgangsrecht voor podiumkunsten is geregeld. Hierdoor mag op vooruitbetalingen vanaf publicatiedatum beleidsbesluit ten behoeve van voorstellingen op of na 1 juli 2012 het verlaagde btw-tarief toegepast worden.
Veel meer specialistische details vind je onder deze link van BEELDRIJK: