woensdag 11 juli 2012

Brick & Tile factory

The Historic Clay district part IV
On monday we went to Medicine Hat Brick & Tile Site from I-XL Industries Ltd.. it was again a really interesting place, because the place is "frozen in time".
The Brick & Tile site is an important part of Medicine Hat’s heritage, with over a century of history, dating back to 1886. The plant was flooded in June 2010, and although the site was cleaned up, I-XL announced in September of that year that the plant would not re-open.
The site is currently under consideration as a Provincial Historic Resource and is thought to be the oldest industrial site in Alberta. Of significant interest are the layers of industrial development from hand-made brickmaking to the robotic era. A recent excavation revealed brick rubble from the 1880’s period. The “frozen in time” condition of the facilities represents the operation as it was in 2010.
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